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V&C Natural Italian Honey from Gualdani

Posted in Other News on Tuesday, 03 November 2020
V&C Natural Italian Honey from Gualdani
Just arrived! Our full range of V&C Italian natural honey by Gualdani, beehive artisans for nearly 100 years.
Their first small farm was created by Nonno Natalino in the 1930s, when their work with bees began. A nomadic peasant family, they travelled around Tuscany and neighbouring regions, always in search of the most abundant blossoms. With a cutting-edge mobile laboratory in a large van, they were able to move around easily for the honey collection to the different places where the bees were stationed for harvest.
Today, the still family-run company has a heritage of around 1200 hives, located around central and southern Italy. The hives are placed in carefully selection production areas, away from any pollution sources. This unique method of honey collection has created a stunning range of honeys, one vastly different from the next. Erica heather honey with its deep amber colour, aromas of caramel, spices and toffee… Acacia honey, crystal and transparent with notes of white flowers, vanilla and sweet almonds… Castagno chestnut honey, bitter-sweet on the palate with an intense and aromatic tobacco aroma…
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