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Vanilla pod tube of 2 Indian

Vanilla pod tube of 2 Indian
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Vanilla pod tube of 2 Indian


The vanilla flavour is contained in the pod itself and in the thousands of tiny black vanilla seeds all along the inside of of the pod. Splitting it releases the flavour.

To use your gourmet vanilla pod, take a sharp knife, hold it firmly at one end, and split it lengthways so you have two halves of the pod flat on the chopping board.

Now you need to infuse one of the ingredients with the vanilla. This is usually milk, but it can be in alcohol, fruit juice or syrup. Scrape the vanilla seeds from the pod and add both vanilla seeds and the split pod to your infusion. Heat the milk gently for about 10 minutes, do not boil, then strain and remove pod. Use the milk in your recipe for a superb vanilla flavour.

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