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Funghi Foray & Picnic 2018
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Fettuccine Funghi Porcini 250g Campofilone
The Marilungo premium production consists of 32 different shapes of Pasta divided into long shapes, short shapes, specialties and organic egg pasta. campofilone make pasta with durum wheat and fresh pasteurized eggs without any water. Pasta Marilungo is prepared with the finest grains grown in Marche, Umbria and Tuscany.

90 seconds cooking time.
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Funghi Porcini Carnaroli 250g Margherita
For the preparation of this risotto with porcini mushrooms, the superfine Carnaroli rice is moistened in broth and freeze-dried without preservatives. Its particular delicacy is enhanced by the intense taste of carefully selected porcini mushrooms.
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Glassa Funghi Porcini Glaze Balsamico 150ml
Gluten Free Poricini Mushroom Flavoured Balsamic Glaze
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