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Valvona & Crolla

Valvona & Crolla Ristorante 1st Floor

Our restaurant consists of a spacious main dining area and bar, with two smaller rooms available for private functions, accommodating over one hundred diners at full capacity. We serve Italian food ranging from simple to sophisticated, but always remain true to the idea that quality ingredients are the key to our success. All the bread used at VinCaffè is made in our own bakery using organic flour, and we use our own brand Fior' Fiore olive oil throughout our cooking. The bar stocks an extensive list of wine from Valvona & Crolla's own award-winning wine range and, using our Cruvinet wine system, almost all of the range is available by the glass.

Sample menu from the Valvona & Crolla Ristorante

Below are some typical dishes served at VinCaffè. The full menu has further choices in each range. To see full restaurant menu click here


Vincaffè Tagliere di Manzo- £12
Wafer thin sliced of Aberdeen Angus fillet of beef, marinated in extra virgin olive oil, garlic and chilli served on a piping hot plate with caper berries (accompanying with a side of Patate Arrosto for a main course)

V&C Antipasto - £10 Platter of Italian cured meats, Fonteluna sausage, mozzarella di bufala, marinated cherry tomatoes, roasted vegetables and crispy bruschetta.

Toortino di Carciofi - £8
Savoury cake of artichoke, mint, potatoes and Parmigiano.

Caponata - £7
Selection of roasted seasonal vegetables marinated with fresh tomatoes, capers, black olives, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, served with V&C handmade sourdough bread.

Sarde alla griglia - £8
Fresh fillets of Sardine lightly grilled served on toasted V&C rustic bread with a fresh leaf salad dressed with a light extra virgin olive oil and basil pesto dressing.


Linguine al Frutti Di Mare - £14
Sautéed Scottish shellfish, chilli, garlic and tomato.


Pizza Fonteluna - £11
Pizza with our family recipe pork and fennel seed Fonteluna sausage and Italian bitter greens sautéed with extra virgin olive oil, garlic and a little chilli.

Piatti Principali

Pesce sale e salsa - £16
Fish with salt n' sauce: Fresh catch of the day dipped in flour and lightly deep fried, served with cubed potato chips, seasoned with Maldon sea salt and homemade tartar sauce on the side.

Maiale Saltimbocca - £17
Medallion of Scottish Pork loin pan fried in extra virgin olive oil with Prosciutto di Parma, fresh sage, white wine and garlic, served with roast diced potatoes and greens sautéed with extra virgin olive oil and garlic.

Stufato d'agnello - £17
Sicilian stew made with Borders Lamb, preserved lemon, apricots and Vitale tomatoes served with crushed baby potatoes.

Menu items and prices shown above may vary and are for information only