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Antipasto Stella Rosa Negroni 130gr
A Negroni mixed selection of meats. Contains: Prosciutto Nostrano, Coppa Parma, Salame Nostrano.
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Bresaola IGP Punta Anca Negroni 90G
Exclusively produced with the most valuable beef cuts, carefully seasoned according to the original recipe. Particularly delicate taste. Wavy slices.
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Cacciatore Ambient Negroni 150gr
This small salame owes its name (cacciatore means hunter) to the hunters' old habit of bringing a small salami with them while out hunting. Well known and appreciated throughout Italy, it is P.D.O.-certified. Slices are compact and dry. Delicately fragrant, they taste sweet and natural.
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Coppa di Parma Negroni 120gr
The sweetly delicate flavour combined with aromas and salt lend this speciality from Emilia an intense original flavour. Thin curled slices.
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Cotechino Modena 500gr Negroni
Cotechino is made of selected parts of pure coarsely ground pork meat with compact grain, conforming to the I.G.P. standards.
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